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Hey everyone, It's Erika Simons! I'm the Head Recipe and Life Coach at the Mediterranean Refresh!

I want to welcome you to my community! This is where you will find all my amazing recipescookbooks, and products!

New and amazing recipes daily!

Tell me about these products Erika!

The Mediterranean Refresh Cookbook Series

Grow Pad Mini

Hydroponic Systems

Mediterranean Refresh: Spice Collection

Magic Silicone Trays

100% Food Grade Scrubber Gloves

The Grow Pad Mini!

Time. Tested. Experience.

100% Food Grade Silicone Scrubber Gloves

I bought the Grow Pad Mini and I absolutely love it! It was growing Basil in about 4 days and it just keeps getting bigger! 

Pam David

What can I say? Erika is just such an amazing person to deal with! I have never bought products online before where I was actually able to ask questions directly to the Chef/Author! Thanks Erika! 

David Walter

Picked up a set of the Mediterranean Refresh Spices and was very happy with them going to have to order some more of the Chicken soon! 

Joy Burg

Picked up myself the Mediterranean Refresh Cookbook and the next week I came back to get the Meal Plan and Meals on a Budget books! They come in eBooks or PaperBack format so its really convenient. I will be back for the next book for sure! Thanks Erika! 

Pasty Glenburg