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Grow Pad Mini

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Effortless Growing

Grow Pad Mini is an all in one hydroponic system. You can grow Fruits,  Vegetables, and Herbs right from the comfort of your own home! 

Easy and Simple

Drop the seeds in the pot filled with fertilized water. Watch your plants grow!

Grow Anywhere

We are going through big changes in our world. Growing conditions and seasons are in major flux, making it difficult to grow in places we knew where good for. 

Most of our food in our stores have been grown and shipped in from afar. Losing some of its nutritional value in the process. 

By using hydroponics, we can create hyper-local food systems. You can be growing food in your kitchen or living room. When you are growing hydroponically, you don’t have to hit pause or worry about crop loss due to environmental factors. 


Hydroponic Gardening is a way to grow plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs with little to no maintenance. Essentially you skip the soil and sub in a different material to support the roots. Once complete, your crops will be growing directly in fertilized water.

Taking out the soil seems counter-productive, but it is actually a huge gardening breakthrough! You can grow produce anywhere in the world, at any time of the year and you can increase your yield with fewer resources. 

Higher Yields

Plants growing in a well-managed system are living their best lives. When their roots are dunked in nutrient-rich water, plants spend more time growing upwards and spend less time growing their root system to search for food. Hydroponic plants can mature 25% faster than those grown in soil. 


Grow Pad Mini

The Grow Pad Mini has everything you need to start your journey in the world of Hydroponics. 

With each order of the Grow Pad Mini, you will receive the following: 

  • High-Quality Substrate

This exclusive substrate is made with a perfect composition so your plant can absorb higher levels of water, oxygen, and vital nutrients – at all times.

  • Fully Automatic Lighting

You’ll get a LED light that is fully automated to go on and off for 12-hour intervals. This way your plants get the perfect amount of light – all hands-free.

  • Simple Airflow Fan

This simple fan will provide much-needed airflow for 15-minute intervals. This helps prevent bacterial growth, as well as helps shield from other harmful pathogens.

  • Watering Compartment + Level Indicator

With this unique watering compartment, you’ll never have to guess when you need to water your thirsty plants. Thanks to the level indicator, you’ll know exactly when to water. 

What plants grow best?

For the Grow Pad Mini, we recommend herbs, small vegetables, microgreens, or fruits to grow. If you are wanting to grow bigger plants you can always use the Grow Pad Mini as a germination system to then transplant.

And The Result?

Truly Effortless Indoor Gardening!

Growing your own herbs and veggies is truly a great feeling. Seeing it start from seed to germination into maturity. We believe that introducing you to Hydroponics will encourage you to develop a passion for growing your own food.

Bring Fresh Produce to Your Table

It’s like having your own garden at home. With the Grow Pad Minis, you can always grow a variety of herbs and veggies to add and use in your daily cooking. We recommend having them grow directly in your kitchen, simply harvest while you’re cooking for the freshest ingredients!