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Grower's Choice ROI-E680 LED Horticultural Grow Light System

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ROI-E680 LED Horticultural Grow Light System

Introducing the ROI-E680 LED Horticultural Grow Light System. An inspired collaboration between two of the most respected lighting companies in horticulture industry. TSL Horti Tech & Grower's Choice have joined forces with their years of innovative experience to create this high performance & cost-effective lighting solution for commercial horticulture.

ROI-E680 LED Horticultural Grow Light System Features:

  • Balanced Spectrum: Incorporating Grower's Choice famous 3K CMH Full Phase Pectrum for superior growing power with best possible LED diodes available.
  • High Performance: Provides 1700 μmol/s of total output, and 2.5 μmol/J system efficacy
  • Energy Savings & Lower HVAC RequirementsThe Growers Choice ROI-680 is incredibly efficient, and can provide hobby and commercial growers with up to 40% savings on energy. On top of this, the low operating temperature of this LED grow light decreases HVAC requirements by 40%.
  • Provides Growers Full Control: Since plants have different levels of light requirements throughout their life, it makes sense that growers should be able to dim their LED light accordingly. The onboard dimming function of the ROI-680 LED grow light allows you to set the ideal intensity at any stage of plant growth for optimal photosynthesis activation. This grow light is compatible with most lighting controllers, but works best with the Grower's Choice Master Lighting Controller.
  • Even Light Distribution: The Growers Choice ROI-680 LED grow light allows for even light distribution, and is precisely designed to deliver uniform levels of photosynthesis flux density, or PPFD.
  • Built From Quality Components: Growers Choice and TSL Horti Tech did not cut any corners when designing this grow light. The ROI-680 LED grow light is manufactured with industrial grade Osram Top Bin Diodes and an ultra-efficient driver.

ROI-E680 LED Horticultural Grow Light System Specifications: